Larry Lelli
Drumset artist


larry's pictureDon't fret, there is still time.  You can hit the "back" button, blink three times, shake your head and pretend you were never here.  Or you can muster your courage, hide the women and children, get your earplugs ready and enter the land of Larry and his drums.

One of the top call freelance drummers in New York City, Larry can be found playing everything from Broadway shows to recordings to rock n roll gigs.  An advocate for music education and promoting the arts in today's culture, he enjoys sharing his love of drums and music with up-and-coming players.  While he is active in many different forms of the creative arts including writing, painting, and composing, he prefers to spend most of his time behind a drumset.  And he loves what he does; all you have to do is catch him in action to see that he lives and breathes music, smiling away as he paints with rhythm.

Now don't be shy . . . Click around and get your groove on.

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