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Here is a detail of the setup I used for the the Tony Award winning Broadway production of:  MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET.  Also, feel free to check out a video of our performance on David Letterman here: MDQ on Letterman

Feel free to email me about gear related issues; I'm always happy to share my insight and experiences.

Here is a photo of the kit I'm using onstage for my past Broadway show MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET.

6   x 14   
Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Snare drum or 6 x 14 Yamaha Vintage Maple Snare Drum
8   x 12    Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Tom

14 x 14   
Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Floor Tom
14 x 20   
Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Bass drum
(all wrapped in Vintage White Marine Pearl Finish)

Cymbals:  ALL SABIAN
14"         Sabian AA Regular HiHats
19"         Sabian AA Crash Ride

Not Shown:
Sabian AA Thin Crash (for outside gigs & recording)
17"         Sabian
AA Thin Crash (for outside gigs & recording)
Sabian AA Crash Ride (for outside gigs & recording)
Sabian HH Flat Ride with rivets  (for outside gigs & recording)

Heads:  All Remo Fiberskyn 3 Ambassadors on tom batters and both bass drum heads.  Fiberskyn 3 Diplomats on resonant side of all toms.  Renaissance Ambassador on snare batter.  Hazy Ambassador snare side.  All drums are wide open (no muffling) except thin felt strips on each bass drum head.

Vic Firth AS5A wood tip, Jazz Brushes (white plastic handle).  Vic Firth SBAG2 Stick bag.

Other:  Roc N Soc Drum Throne (round nitro model with back rest),
Puresound Custom 20 snare wires.  All hardware by Yamaha including the chain drive Foot Pedal FP-9500C.  Vic Firth PAD12 12" practice pad for warming up.  Authentic NYC Taxi brake drum.

This is the basic kit.  There is a specific reason for EVERYTHING that I have chosen to play on this show, as there is with every gig I play.

For a detailed spec list and photo of the setup that I used for the 12 time Tony Award winning show
"THE PRODUCERS", click here.

At ASSASSINS (the last Stephen Sondheim/ John Weidman show I did) I went with the good old Recording Customs.  Sondheim wanted a controlled tone coming from the drums (since I was up in the air, built right into the roller coaster that was the set!) and a more "traditional" look, (piano black with the long lugs) and they were the perfect choice.  See the photo of this crazy setup in my photo gallery.

A NOTE ON SNARES;  I have been using Puresound Snare Wires for many years, and can't say enough good stuff about them.  Simply...they will improve the sound of ANY snare drum.  Do yourself a favor and go get a set of them, and throw them on one of your snares.  You will be AMAZED at the difference.  They are so consistent and allow you much better control over your snare sound, articulation and dynamics of the drum.  Give 'em a shot.  And when I'm playing rock gigs... I will usually use the new BLASTERS model.  They are LOUD yet still remain musical and sensitive.  I just love 'em!

Now go out there and MAKE SOME MUSIC!!  And check out the excellent websites of all the companies that I'm so proud to be affiliated with, on my LINKS page.