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drumpaintingHello there... it's Larry here.  When it comes to talking equipment, I'll be updating this page personally, cuz I loooooooove to talk gear!!

I am VERY particular when it comes to gear selection, and really do believe that it's important for any artist to feel completely comfortable and secure on the instrument they are playing.  With such a large selection of professional gear available these days, I feel we, as musicians, owe it to the music to select the proper instruments to help us create.  Any of the drummers who I look up to, do the same.

That's why I play Yamaha Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks & Mallets, Remo Drumheads,
Puresound Percussion Snare Wires, and Latin Percussion instruments exclusively.  I feel confident that I can find the exact sound and instrument that I'm looking for with the products made by these companies.

I also use
Future Sonic In-ear monitors for live performances, as well as Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones on most studio work and some of my high volume pit work.  And I'm also a fan of Roc N Soc drumthrones.  Great for us cats who like lots of cushion!

Here are pics and details of my most recent show setup, for
Side Show, The Musical.

For setup specs for my previous Broadway shows, like "The Producers" or "Assassins", go to the bottom of this page for, Past Broadway Show Setups.
Also, feel free to check out my profile on the website, as there is fun interactive diagram there on the setup builder.

Feel free to email me about gear related issues; I'm always happy to share my insight and experiences.

Here is a photo of my setup for the Broadway show SIDE SHOW - THE MUSICAL. (Photo credit:  Billy Miller)
5.5x 14   
Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Snare drum (with Puresound Custom 16 Snare Wires) (wi
7.5x 10    Yamaha Club Custom Absolute Tom
8   x 12    Yamaha Club Custom Absolute Tom
13 x 14    Yamaha Club Custom Absolute Floor Tom (on left side of hihat)
15 x 16    Yamaha Club Custom Absolute Floor Tom
15 x 22    Yamaha Club Custom Absolute Bass drum

Cymbals:  ALL SABIAN (from left to right)

6"           Sabian HH Triangle
16"         Sabian HH Sizzle Ride
14"         Sabian AAX Mini-Chinese
8"           Sabian Artisan Custom Splash
10"         Sabian HHX Evolution Splash
16"         Sabian Artisan Crash
14"         Sabian HHX Legacy HiHats
10"         Sabian Artisan Custom Splash
12"         Sabian HH Splash
22"         Sabian Artisan Custom Raw Bell Light Ride
17"         Sabian Artisan Crash
18"         Sabian AAX O-zone Crash

Latin Percussion(from left to right) LP Stanton Moore Pandiero, LP 36 bar chimes (mark tree), LP Black Beauty Cowbell, , LP Red Jam Block, LP Salsa Cowbell, LP Cyclops Tambourine, Doumbek.

Heads:  All Remo Coated Ambassador on snare batter.  Hazy Ambassador snare side. 
Coated Emperors on tom batters & Clear Ambassadors on resonant side of all toms.
Powerstroke 3 Pro on bass drum batter.  Smooth White Ambassador on bass drum resonant side.  Small rolled up towel against resonant head inside bass drum for muffling.

Vic Firth  AS5A American Sound Hickory drumsticks (round wood tip), Heritage Brushes (purple handle). M-31 Terry Gibbs Vibe Mallets. 5A Dual Tone mallet/sticks.

Other:  Roc N Soc Drum Throne (round nitro model with back rest),
Puresound Custom 16 snare wires - model# P-1416.  All Yamaha hardware including: FP-9500C chain drive Foot Pedal, HH-9500 Hihat,             & Yamaha HEX RACK II. Vic Firth PAD12 12" practice pad. Vic Firth SBAG2 Stick bag. Vic Firth Stick Caddy. Vic Firth Isolation Headphones. LP Universal Mount-All Brackets and Trap Tray.
Kelly SHU bass drum microphone mounting system.

There is a specific reason for EVERYTHING that I have chosen to play on this show, as there is with every gig I play.  On this show, I had a massive amount of equipment to fit into a very small footprint in the orchestra pit, and the YAMAHA HEX RACK II, saved my life.  I was able to build up, instead of out, and surround myself with all the instruments very closely.  Also, when creating the drum parts, I ended up using a floor tom for a lot of the "backbeats" instead of a traditional snare drum; so I decided to open up my playing and incorporate a floor tom on the left side of the kit as well.  This also helped me create unique drum fills, all while keeping an open-handed playing position.  On this particular show, because there is a lot of very specific dance music, I use three different splash cymbals to differentiate specific groups of dancers... or in this case, specific dance motions.  For instance, light sweeping feet motions get 8" Splash hits, opposed to larger 12" HH Splash hits for kick-lines.  Also, the 10" HHX Evolution is a perfect way to recreate old-time Vaudeville splash chokes.  It's so dark, dirty and paper thin.  One can never have too many cymbal colors from which to choose!!On thi

ASSASSINS (the last Stephen Sondheim/ John Weidman show I did) I went with the good old Recording Customs.  Sondheim wanted a controlled tone coming from the drums (since I was up in the air, built right into the roller coaster that was the set!) and a more "traditional" look, (piano black with the long lugs) and they were the perfect choice.  See the photo of this crazy setup in my photo gallery.

A NOTE ON SNARES;  I have been using Puresound Snare Wires for over a decade, and can't say enough good stuff about them.  Simply...they will improve the sound, dynamic response and crispness of ANY snare drum.  Do yourself a favor and go get a set of them, and throw them on one of your snares.  You will be AMAZED at the difference.  They are so consistent and allow you much better control over your snare sound, articulation and dynamics of the drum.  Give 'em a shot.  And when I'm playing rock gigs... I will usually use the BLASTERS model.  They are LOUD yet still remain musical and sensitive.  I just love 'em!

Ok, enough rambling...
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