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drumpaintingFirst of all, please check out the websites of all my favorite gear manufacturers!



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And also please visit my friend's Links:

STICKS N SKINS                             I'm honored to have been included in the world's first coffee table book featuring drummers. Get your copy now!

Holding Back Entirely                        My former killer indie rock band based in Brooklyn.  Remember when there were no rules?

Nous Non Plus                                   Amazing French Retro Pop Band based here in NYC

Jerry Marotta                                      My good friend, hero and drumming legend Jerry Marotta.

Mark Schulman                                  Powerhouse drummer currently with Pink & an amazing motivational guru.  Above all, my good friend.

Wheatus                                             Great pals of Wheatus... now label-free and still rocking the world.

Fountains Of Wayne                          Rock Gods and a bunch of great guys.  This is how it's done, people.

Smash Studios                                   My preferred rehearsal studios in NYC.  Great people, great rooms, great gear, great vibe, great rates.

Billy Ward                                         Another drumming buddy from NYC, great drummer, and inspirational educator.

Local 802 AFM                                 The Musicians Union, Local 802 American Federation of Musicians. 

Anton Fig                                           My pal and drummer for the Late Show with David Letterman.

TIDE                                                  My former indie rock band.  Great guys, great writing.

Dave Mattacks                                    Currently Boston-based studio legendary drummer and friend, Dave Mattacks

The Thrusters                                      Exciting, rocking and fun band based in Orlando, FL led by my pal James Humann.

Mary Gatchell                                     My wonderfully talented friend and ultra cool musical partner in crime... check her out!

Paul Gordon                                        One of the best songwriters and Broadway composers around.  (Jane Eyre, Emma, & many more to come!)

Chiara Civello                                     Gorgeous vocals and beautiful songs.  I'm a big fan.

A Few 2 Many                                    Incredibly talented rock band of young bloods.  They are going somewhere!